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Who is Beaujean Vacances
Since 1992, we have offered holiday homes in prime locations in South, Central and North Limburg (NL), the Voer region (BE), Limburg (BE), the Ardennes (BE) and the Eifel (BE). Currently, we have more than 170 unique holiday homes in our portfolio and welcome over 55,000 guests to this stunning region of Europe every year. Whether a huge timbered farmhouse set in the open fields, a tiny house in the rolling hills, a castle with a keep, a working watermill or an authentic townhouse in a city centre steeped in history – we make sure that all the ingredients are in place for you to make some wonderful memories. All our staff know our properties inside out! So, whether you are a customer or a property owner, as well as guaranteeing you the most unique holiday homes, we also assure you of impeccable expert service. Meet our team!
I have a complaint. Who should I contact?
If you have a complaint about our service, get in touch with us. The information you need can be found at. If you have a complaint about your stay, please raise this directly with the property owner or manager, preferably during your stay. You will find their contact details in the ‘Welcome Letter’. This is the fastest way to resolve your complaint. If the owner or manager is unable to resolve your complaint, get in touch with us.
Where can I find your general terms and conditions?
Our general terms and conditions can be found here.
How do I contact Beaujean Vacances?
All the ways to contact us are listed on our contact page


I have a booking in an area subject to travel restrictions or a ban on gatherings. What should I do?
In this case it is a case of force majeure and we will send you an option by email*. Herein you can choose to rebook the reservation, adjust the group size, cancel the booking according to the cancellation policy or receive a voucher. The voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of the original arrival.

*In some cases, you will not receive an email from us but the homeowner will contact you directly.

I have a booking in an area to which travel is advised against, restricted, or banned. What should I do?

In this case there is no question of force majeure. You will receive an e-mail from us with an option*. Here you can choose to keep the booking, cancel the booking according to the cancellation policy or reduce the group size.

*In some cases you will not receive an email from us but the homeowner will contact you directly.

I live abroad. What rules apply to my stay?

Only the authorities of your country of residence can inform you about the conditions that apply at the time of your upcoming stay. We advise you to inform yourself well in advance about the rules that apply at that time.

Can the payment of the outstanding balance of my stay be extended?

You would like to pay the balance of your stay later. We would like to draw your attention to the fact that your stay is taking place outside of the lockdown period and is therefore not subject to the corona crisis measures or decisions of the authorities.  We understand that the current situation is unsettled and uncertain, but to date no decision has been made to prevent you from going to the vacation home you have booked on your chosen date of stay.

Despite Beaujean Vacances allowing your payment to be made in several parts, the homeowner has blocked this period for you and looks forward to your arrival. The general conditions therefore apply to your booking and if you do not pay the balance on time, we will be forced to cancel the booking and you will lose your deposit. Since we want to avoid this, we ask you to make the payment according to the payment terms we have established.

We hope, of course, to be able to welcome you to the vacation home on the desired date. Our owners and we will do everything we can, if you have to reschedule your stay, to allow you to experience a wonderful stay in the accommodation you have booked at a later date!

If I want to change a period to another period, is that possible?

In case of rebooking, please contact our customer service.

When am I entitled to a voucher?

You are entitled to a voucher if you have made a booking with one of our houses and there is a case of force majeure as explained in our terms and conditions, article 15.

What if I make a new booking with the voucher and travel restrictions still apply?

If you have booked a new vacation home with the voucher, and unfortunately it has to be cancelled again due to a changed travel restriction, you will receive the amount paid in the form of a new voucher.

What if the new selected period is not available in the current vacation home?

If the booked holiday home is not available in the new period you can, if the home owner agrees, choose another vacation home. Please note that rebooking to another holiday home is not possible with all home owners.

What if the newly booked period is cheaper or more expensive than the amount on my voucher?

If the newly booked booking is cheaper, the difference will be converted into a residual voucher to be used on a subsequent booking. In the event that you have made a new booking that costs more than the amount on your voucher, you will be required to pay the difference.

What is a voucher?

A voucher is a digital credit with Beaujean Vacances, which you can use to make a new booking. This voucher was created by the HISWA-RECRON, the Dutch trade association for, among other things, vacation homes, for all cancelled bookings due to the Corona virus. Because of the special situation we are facing, the HISWA-RECRON offers its participants, such as Beaujean Vacances, the possibility to issue a corona voucher and encourages consumers to make use of this voucher. Beaujean Vacances offers the same arrangement uniformly for the Belgian and German vacation homes. You will receive a promised voucher by e-mail. Please also check your 'unwanted e-mail'-box if you haven't received it yet. The amount of the voucher is the total amount already paid for your current booking. The voucher is valid for 1 year from the arrival date of the original booking and is not transferable.


It is possible to place an option on a holiday home?
An option can be placed on almost all our properties. If you wish to place an option on a property, contact our customer service to discuss the next steps. It is not possible to place an option on a property via our website, or to place options on several properties at once.
What is the total cost of my stay?
Beaujean Vacances has a policy of showing a breakdown of all the costs included in the price. You can always provide all the details of your party when searching for accommodation. We can then show you only the price you will ultimately pay, with no hidden costs! You can always add optional extras when booking accommodation.
Can I still order additional items after paying my second instalment?
You can call us at any time to enquire about the possibility of ordering additional items. This saves you the inconvenience of paying the costs in cash on arrival.
How can I tell when a specific holiday home is available?
When you click on a coloured arrival date, the available stays will be shown, along with the prices for the chosen arrival date.
How do I confirm or cancel my option?
You can convert an option to a booking by e-mail or over the phone. Once you have placed your option, you will receive an option confirmation by e-mail, indicating the date on which your option expires. Contact our customer service, who will finalize your booking. If you wish to cancel your option, please let us know by e-mail or phone before the expiry date indicated.
Can we stay one day more or less than permitted?
If you want to book a different length of stay, please contact our customer service. We can then discuss what is feasible with the property owner. If you have already booked and would like to stay one day longer or less, please contact our customer service.
Do I have to complete all the details on the guest list?
The property owner is required by law to keep a record of overnight guests. This is so that the owner can immediately tell the emergency services who is in the property in the event of an emergency such as a fire, or a Covid-19 outbreak. Therefore, it is also in the interests of your own safety to accurately provide all the requested information. Furthermore, the municipality may request the information from this visitor record. If you have taken out a cancellation policy with us, you must complete the list within 10 days of receipt of your booking confirmation.
How do I make a booking?
Via our website

  1. Search for the holiday home that meets your criteria: location, party size and dates of stay.
  2. The information about and prices for the property can be found on the details page. Select an available period.
  3. Next, book the holiday home in two easy steps, during which we request the booking details we need from you. Once you have made the booking, you will receive a definitive booking confirmation.

Over the phone

You can make a booking over the phone by contacting our customer service. You will then talk to one of our staff, who will take you through your booking step by step and finalize everything for you.

How can I tell which holiday homes are still available?
When searching for a suitable holiday home, you can enter the location, your party size, the required arrival date and the length of stay. Once you have entered your selection, the search results will only show available properties.
Can I make changes to my booking?
If you wish to make changes to your booking, such as the number of people, number of pets, or adding or changing towels or bedlinen, contact our customer service.
I’m travelling with several others. Who is responsible?
The person who makes the booking with us and is therefore named on the agreement as the lead member of the party is our client, and is therefore liable for all the obligations arising from the agreement.

Holiday home general

Can I take my pet and what do I need to bear in mind?
Many of our properties do allow you to take your pet. Usually, this will incur an additional charge. You can indicate how many pets you wish to take during the search process. The cost of this will then be automatically added to the price. Whether or not pets are allowed, and the maximum number of pets, is shown on the property details page. If you wish to take a pet other than a dog, please contact us to discuss this before making a booking. At properties which do allow pets, you can indicate this when making your booking. Pets must be mentioned. The specific rules on pets for the property you have booked are included in the ‘welcome letter’ you receive after making a booking. Read these rules carefully, to make sure you are familiar with them before arriving at your holiday home. If booking a property abroad, don't forget the pet passport.
Can I inspect the holiday home in person?
An inspection is often possible, but only by special arrangement and after reserving the property in question. It is not permitted to inspect a holiday home without first arranging this with us, as we are keen to ensure our guests’ privacy. If you wish to make an appointment to inspect a property, please contact our customer service to discuss the options.
Does a baby count as a member of the party, or in addition to the number of adults and children?
At most properties, you can add babies in addition to the maximum stated occupancy. This is indicated on the property details page, under the mention of maximum occupancy. The number of additional babies will be indicated. If no additional babies are permitted, this will not be shown.
Can I have the address of the holiday home?
Owing to privacy legislation, we are not allowed to disclose the addresses of our holiday properties before a booking has been made. You will be given the address of your property in your travel documents after you have made a booking.
Do you have any holiday homes that are accessible to people with disabilities?
Yes, we have a number of properties that are wheelchair-friendly but also fully wheelchair-accessible. Give our customer service a call and we can select suitable holiday homes based on your personal requirements.


We're departing on Sunday. Will that affect the rental price? By what time must we vacate the property?
If you are departing on Sunday, you can stay in the property until 8 PM.
Can more people stay in the property than the permitted occupancy?
If you wish to stay with more people than the maximum capacity indicated on the property details page, you must agree this with us. Please contact our customer service to discuss the options.
Can I arrive/depart on a different day?
Our fixed arrival and departure days are Monday and Friday, with the exception of a few public holidays. Arriving and/or departing on a different day is only possible by arrangement with the property owner or manager. Sometimes, this will incur an additional charge. To request a different arrival and/or departure day, please contact our customer service.
Who is responsible for any damage?
The hirer is legally liable for any damage they cause. Damage must be reported directly to the property owner or manager. If a deposit has been paid, the cost of the damage will be deducted from this.


What are the payment options?
After making your booking, you will receive a payment request from us, attached to the booking confirmation. You can choose to pay securely online, via iDeal or Bancontact, or alternatively you can choose to pay by bank transfer. If you are making a last-minute booking, online payment is the only option.
When do I have to pay?
The agreed price must be paid as follows:
  • When booking<= 10 dagen voor aankomst van verblijf dient u volledige bedrag per direct te betalen.i>
  • When booking between 10 and 56 days before the start of your say, you must pay the full amount within 7 days.
  • When booking more than 56 days before the start of your stay, you can choose to pay in 2 instalments or immediately, in full. The first instalment (or the full amount) must be paid within 10 days. The second instalment must be paid 28 days before your arrival.
Why do I have to pay a deposit?
Beaujean Vacances acts as a letting agent for various property owners. Owners are at liberty to require a deposit. The welcome letter you receive attached to your booking will tell you whether a deposit is required for your chosen holiday property.
Can I spread my payments?
You can pay for your booking in two instalments, unless you are making a last-minute booking, as specified in Article 4 of our general terms and conditions.
My payment is late. Will my booking be cancelled?
If you have missed the payment deadline, please contact us without delay.
How is the cost of my holiday calculated?
Beaujean Vacances has a policy of showing a breakdown of all the costs included in the price. The booking confirmation you receive from us after making a booking therefore includes an itemization of costs. The total amount is split into the base rent, booking fees, final clean, energy costs and (if applicable) tourist tax. Should any optional costs be added to your booking (such as towels and bedlinen, pets, firewood etc.), these costs will also be shown on the cost breakdown.
When will I get the deposit back?
This depends on the accommodation you book. You will get the deposit back once the accommodation has been inspected. This may be in cash, immediately after your stay, or 1, 2 or 4 weeks after your departure, by transfer to your account. After booking the accommodation, you will find information about how the deposit is repaid in the welcome letter.
How do I pay the deposit?
This information can be found in the welcome letter attached to your booking.
Why have I received a payment reminder when I've already paid?
Online payments via iDeal or Bancontact are registered immediately in our booking system, so you will not receive a payment reminder. Manual transfers don’t always arrive immediately, and have to be entered manually in our booking system. Consequently, you may receive an automated payment reminder from our booking system, even though your payment is already in progress.
To which account can I pay the cost of my holiday?
We prefer online payment via iDeal or Bancontact. The information you need to make a manual transfer can found on your booking confirmation under the heading ‘payment details’.


Can I cancel my booking free of charge?
No, the agreement is final once the traveller (you, the guest) has accepted the offer of the booking organization (us, Beaujean Vacances); this is stipulated in the booking confirmation. A rental agreement is also final if booked online or over the phone. The Dutch ‘Distance Selling Act’ (Wet Koop op Afstand) does not apply to the letting of group accommodation.
Can I take out a cancellation policy through you?
There is the option to take out a cancellation policy when making the booking. How much this costs depends on the size of the holiday property. If you take out a cancellation policy through us, you must provide us with your completed guest list within 10 days of making the booking. All guests named on this list are covered by the cancellation policy. Read the cancellation policy terms and conditions carefully first.
I have already made a booking but would now like to add a cancellation policy, can I do that?
Yes, you can add a cancellation policy up to 7 days after making the booking, provided there is no known reason at that time for which you may have to cancel. To add a cancellation policy, please contact our customer service.
How do I cancel my booking?
Bookings placed online or over the phone constitute a firm agreement and therefore cannot be cancelled without incurring a charge. Our full cancellation terms, which are in line with the industry organization HISWA-RECRON, are detailed in our general terms and conditions.
What do I have to pay if I decide to cancel?
In the unfortunate event that you are unable to use your booking, you must contact our customer service. The amount of the cancellation fee depends on the number of days remaining before your arrival date. The booking costs must always be paid.