About Beaujean Vacances

With Beaujean's signature approach

Together with more than 200 exclusively selected homeowners, we — as a regional family business — create new memories for around 60,000 guests every year. This is based on our love for centuries' worth of history that can be found in the breathtaking hilly landscape, authentic farms, castles and manors, half-timbered houses, and a rich cultural scene and local lifestyle that embraces the meaning of joie de vivre.

I, Daphne Beaujean (managing director of Beaujean Vacances), would like to tell you more about our family business Beaujean Vacances and why I still enjoy working every day to provide the most beautiful holiday homes for you.

In 1992, my mother Ans Beaujean was eager to make a big change in her life. During the preceding years, she had her hands full with being a caring mother to me and my three brothers, working as a district care worker and in other jobs. Additionally during that period, she dedicated a great deal of her time to renovating a beautiful half-timbered farmhouse where she still lives today with my father. At the age of 40, my mother thought it was time to start a new chapter. Something that had her identity written all over it. After all, she is firmly of the opinion: 'In life, everyone is tasked with finding their talent and passion and doing something with it.'

As a proud native of South Limburg, my mother dedicated her caring nature to something she could shape with her own hands, head, and heart. Based on her love of what has centuries' worth of history, those many characteristic old — often listed — farmhouses, castles and manors, and half-timbered houses, she decided to build dreams for tomorrow. It all started with the conversion of their own half-timbered house into a holiday home and the adjoining barn into a home. This represented one of the first group accommodations in the Netherlands, which was followed by another six properties in the region. It turned out to be a success. This success led to one of the first mobile phones in the region, a growing workload for my father's secretary, and many questions from people in the village and further afield in the region, including ‘Can you also rent out our accommodation?' and ‘How could we turn our farmhouse into a holiday home?'.

After more than twenty successful years, the time came to discuss the company changing hands. I eventually took over Beaujean Vacances as managing director, with my brother Joep as co-owner. When doing my work, I am always mindful of my mother's lessons. What was her most important lesson of all? Remain loyal. Be loyal to your feelings, the region, the buildings, and the local community that our family holds so dear.

This also means remaining loyal to high-quality and above-average, personal service. It entails remaining true to yourself and therefore close to guests and homeowners. This means having an office you can walk into, with colleagues who live and work in the region, and a follow-up phone call when you have booked online. Through this approach, Beaujean has been bringing value to old buildings and thus to the region for over 30 years. We build new memories based on our love for what was.

With Beaujean's signature approach.