Holiday homes in the Voer region

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Holiday homes in the Voer region

More about the Voer region

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Holiday homes and the Voer region are a match made in heaven. Located next to the Belgian-Dutch border, in terms of landscape the Voer region has the same feel as South Limburg, and vice versa.
The scenery of the Voer is hilly, but it might be more accurately described as a valley landscape. The Meuse, the Gulp and, of course, the tributary of the Meuse, the Voer, which have been meandering through the Voer region for millions of years, have carved out big, wide valleys among the hills.
Officially, the Dutch-speaking Voer is part of the Pays de Herve, but deserves recognition as a beautiful region in its own right. 

Holiday property in the Voer region

Many of Beaujean Vacances’ holiday properties are located in the stunning Voer region and the surrounding area. The Voer region is officially comprised of 6 ‘Voer villages’ and 16 surrounding hamlets, 
all of which are equally picturesque and well worth a visit! What makes the villages particularly unique is that they have remained so ‘ordinary.’ The chairman of the local tourist office once dubbed the Voer region ‘Belgium's attic room.’ Everything is untouched. You’re never overrun by tourists, so you can enjoy true peace, quiet and lots of space. With 4000 inhabitants over an area of 50 km2, it really is an unspoilt corner of paradise.
The Voer region boasts a wealth of
field crosses - 56, to be precise. And long-distance hiking routes. And wonderful cuisine, such as Voerense Stroop (Voer syrup), trout Voer-style, and Voerdrupke - a regional sloe gin. Plus, 56 different varieties of apple grow in the Voer region. Basically, the Voer region is a culinary treasure trove!

Villages near your holiday home in the Voer region


The village of Teuven in the Voer region is a normal, picturesque church village... Or is it? Teuven does not have a baker, a butcher, or a supermarket. What it does have is tons of charm! Despite its diminutive size, the village has no fewer than 6 restaurants and bistros.
When we think of Teuven, we immediately think of:

  • Moeder de Gans, a fantastic bistro
  • Cafe Modern, a true ‘brown café’ that once won the award for ‘best café interior in Flanders’
  • Hof den Draeck, a fabulous restaurant that deserves, but does not have, a Michelin star
  • Winding streets that are neverflat
  • Gorgeous hiking and cycling routes

Sint Pietersvoeren

Sint Pietersvoeren is the smallest of all the Voer villages, its biggest attraction being the 17th century castle known as the Commanderie. In the park around the castle is the source of the Voer river. The lakes that encircle the castle are supplied with 3000 litres of fresh water per minute from the river’s source. The castle's lakes are home to thousands of trout. Other reasons to visit Sint Pietersvoeren include:

  • Stroopstokerij Wiertz, where you can see how authentic artisanal syrup is made
  • The trout farm in the former Commanderie, smoked trout, or a delicious trout salad
  • The Pietershof winery, for tours and wine tastings
  • Unique far-reaching views from the hills 

Sint Martens Voeren

Another of the six Voer villages is Sint Martens Voeren.  This Voer village is home to the best half-timbered buildings. The hamlet of Veurs is next to Sint Martens Voeren. Veurs is another truly idyllic village, with many half-timbered buildings. One of these unique properties is our beautiful 18-person holiday property ‘Veurs’, named after the village. Sint Martens Voeren is famous for:

  • its distinctive 23-metre tall railway bridge 
  • Marc van Reusel's bakery with its wood-fired oven, which bakes delicious ‘harvest bread’
  • The many half-timbered buildings built of flint (silex) 
  • The surrounding hamlets of Ulvend, Veurs de Plank etc.

's Gravenvoeren

's Gravenvoeren is the largest and also the most famous of the six Voer villages. The Voer river flows through the village from end to end, so the buildings of ‘s Gravenvoeren follow the line of the little river in a ribbon. Because of this, the streets are dotted with lots of little bridges crossing the Voer, enabling the inhabitants to get to their front doors. Other notable features of 's Gravenvoeren are:

  • the modern-day de Pley church square, which was once the churchyard. A handful of gravestones can still be found on the square 
  • A pretty little centre with a handful of shops and a tourist office
  • The impressive estate at Kasteel Altembrouck
  • Distinctive sunken lanes that lead out of the village

And that's not all...

We've only talked about four of the six Voer villages. As well as these four, there are also the villages of Moelingen and Remersdaal. Not to mention the many hamlets...
The Voer region is a very well-kept secret with a wealth of sights worth seeing. Above all, it is a haven of nature and complete peace. 
All of which makes it a must-visit if you're in the area on holiday, or even from your front door if you're staying in one of our holiday properties in the Voer region