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Holiday homes in South Limburg

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Holiday property in South Limburg ... For many people, the idea of a holiday in South Limburg brings to mind the typical black & white half-timbered houses, rolling hills, authentic Limburg pies, and Maastricht. A holiday home in South Limburg is the perfect base from which to discover the area, try out the hospitality and taste regional dishes – in short, to experience the real Limburg. Limburg is all about taking your time and enjoying a slower pace of life. Which means more time for enjoying the delights of the area.

Holiday property in South Limburg

Beaujean Vacances has dozens of distinctive holiday properties in South Limburg. In Maastricht, for instance, we let a stunning traditional Dutch farmstead with its central courtyard, an estate in Moerslag, a little house by the Meuse in Eijsden, a half-timbered farmhouse in Epen, another traditional Dutch farmstead in Wahlwiller, a villa in Mechelen, various watermills in Wittem, Epen and Vaals, and even a castle in Limbricht. In short, there really is something for everyone. Here at Beaujean Vacances, we can now proudly describe ourselves as specialists in the letting of holiday properties in South Limburg. It all began in Mechelen, and we've grown steadily ever since. If you come and visit this area, you mustn't confine yourself to Maastricht. This spectacular city is well worth a visit, but the small surrounding villages will also give you a taste of the real Limburg. We can’t give you a restrictive list of must-visit villages, but we can give you a few tips.

Villages near your holiday home in South Limburg


Valkenburg is a historic marlstone town and part of the centre even has protected status, due to the profusion of listed buildings. When we think of Valkenburg, we think of:

  • The Thermae 2000 spa
  • The many cycling tours that brave the Cauberg, such as the Amstel Gold Race
  • The many restaurants and pubs in the buzzing town centre
  • The Holland Casino
  • The many marlstone caves and coal mines that encircle Valkenburg
  • The MergelRijk in the caves, where you learn about marlstone
  • The cable car to the Wilhelminatoren


The village of Epen is one of the most southerly villages of South Limburg. Our holiday property ‘t Veld, for instance, is literally on the border with Belgium; the boundary post is on the driveway. Epen calls to mind:

  • A picturesque village
  • The many beautiful footpaths from, and to Epen
  • The ice cream stall on the bend at the bottom of Camerig hill
  • Heimans quarry in the stunning nature reserve owned by Stichting het Limburgs Landschap
  • The two watermills at the edge of the village
  • The many great restaurants, such as Wingbergermolen
  • The lambs in the Sheepfold at Eperheide, next to our holiday property de Schaapskooi
  • The beautiful far-reaching views
  • The tasty trout from the Geul


Gulpen could really be described as the home of Beaujean Vacances, because it is here that we have had our office since 2010. Because of this, our staff can often be found in the centre of Gulpen. It is a tourist village with a variety of shops and a proper market square fringed with various cafés and restaurants. But that's not all Gulpen has to offer.

  • There's the large, subtropical swimming complex Mosaqua
  • The scent of fresh hops at the Gulpener Bierbrouwerij brewery right in the heart of the village
  • The weekly market on Thursday morning
  • A charming market square with a wide choice of laid-back pavement cafés serving fantastic food and drink


Mechelen in South Limburg, not to be confused with Mechelen in Belgium, holds a special place in our hearts. Beaujean Vacances has its roots in Mechelen, which is where the company was founded in 1992. Our company's logo, the distinctive half-timbered house, is based on the A Gen Dijck holiday property; the very first holiday property offered by Beaujean Vacances and the blueprint for our logo. What makes Mechelen worth a visit?

  • There are some great cafés and restaurants along the main street
  • You’ll be spoilt for choice by all the walking and cycling opportunities
  • The famous Schweiberg from the Amstel Gold Race
  • The Geul, the Netherlands’ fastest-flowing river, which meanders right through the village 


Vaals has a bit more of an urban feel to it. The many majestic buildings along the main street house various shops. The other attractions, in a nutshell, are:

  • the Drielandenpunt on top of Vaalserberg, the point where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands converge
  • the large city of Aachen in close proximity
  • the picturesque village of Holset, with the lovely pub ‘de oude Stroopstokerij’
  • Vijlen, the Netherlands’ only ‘mountain village’


Parkstad is a collaborative venture involving a number of municipalities, including Heerlen, Kerkrade, Landgraaf and Simpelveld. Parkstad's attractions include:

  • Pink Pop
  • The wonderful Gaia Zoo in Kerkrade
  • The themed gardens of Mondo Verde are certainly worth a visit
  • Snowworld in Landgraaf, a large indoor ski slope


We’re doing a disservice to so many villages by not mentioning them. There's Slenaken for instance, the gorgeous little village in a valley on the Dutch/Belgian border. Or tradition-steeped Noorbeek! Then there are all the other sights that make your holiday in South Limburg well worth it, such as the American cemetery in Margraten. The many golf courses in this hilly region, such as Rijk van Margraten, the Golf and Country Club in Wittem, the Golfclub Hoog Vaals and Maastricht International.

In short, despite there being more time here in Limburg... You’re certain to feel there isn't enough time to see everything while at your holiday property in South Limburg.