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Holidaying in Central Limburg and North Limburg. When people talk about Limburg, more often than not they're thinking of the southern part, South Limburg. Yet this is to ignore the beautiful North and Central Limburg, both of which have a charm all of their own that makes them very much worth a visit. Fortunately, Beaujean Vacances has a number of holiday properties in Central Limburg and holiday properties in North Limburg that are the perfect base for discovering this part of Limburg. 

North & Central Limburg

North Limburg & Central Limburg are home to famous Dutch band Rowwen Hèze, De Groote Peel national park – and white gold! But there’s much more to Central and North Limburg than music and asparagus. There are lots of great places where you can enjoy the laid-back life at its best. It's ‘flat’ here, making it perfect terrain for cyclists and walkers keen to cover long distances over the beautiful fields. And for the active holidaymaker, there are the Maasplassen, a large area where you can enjoy a range of water sports activities. If shopping's one of your favourite pastimes, head for a historic town or city, or the outlet centre in Roermond. Basically, a holiday in North and Central Limburg has something for everyone. 

Holidaying in North Limburg and Central Limburg

There are so many not-to-be-missed attractions in North and Central Limburg. Working geographically downwards, from North to Central Limburg, these are just a few options. 


Arcen is a small fortified town on the Meuse in North Limburg. Its laid-back centre has an array of small restaurants and cafés. Arcen is a great place to stroll along the Meuse, enjoy a beer from craft brewery Hertog Jan, or take a seat at one of the many pavement cafés and try out the local cuisine. Arcen is particularly famous for:

  • The Arcen Castle Gardens. An area of 32 hectares owned by Stichting het Limburgs Landschap. The gardens are a huge flower and plant park where you can enjoy a feast of colours and scents. Well worth a visit!
  • The Arcen Thermal. If you’re in need of some relaxation, pay the Arcen Thermal a visit. As soon as you sink into the warm water, you’ll feel the tension wash away.
  • De Hertog Jan Brewery. Taste the beer, sniff the hops and enjoy a glass of the finished product as a reward for a one-hour tour.


Venlo is city with a historic centre in the North of Limburg, with lots of winding streets and buzzing little squares. Having undergone a major facelift in recent years, much has changed in this small Meuse city. In 2013, Venlo even won the title ‘Netherlands’ best city centre’, a title it proudly held until 2015. As the slogan ‘Venloverwelkomt’ (Venlo Welcomes You) suggests, the city is keen to attract visitors. A stroll along Klaasstraat or Jodenstraat is a must, lined as they are with lovely little boutiques and shops. Take a seat at one of the inviting pavement cafés on the Maasboulevard, where you can take in the view of the harbour and the Meuse.
Venlo has much more to offer than just shopping. The following spring immediately to mind:

  • The Limburgs Museum; the actor Huub Stapel relates a 150,000-year history in the space of a 25-minute tour. The Limburgs Museum will delight visitors of all ages
  • The Zomer Parkfeesten, 4 days of soaking up the relaxed atmosphere in Venlo's park, with a number of stages 
  • Vasteloavend. Carnival in the South of the Netherlands is celebrated like nowhere else on earth
  • Lovely little villages in the surrounding area, such as the Meuse villages Baarlo, Tegelen, Lottum and Steyl
  • Stay overnight in the imposing Kasteel Kaldenbroek holiday property in Lottum


Roermond is literally in the middle of Limburg. Roermond is often mentioned in the same breath as the Designer Outlet, a Mecca for bargain hunters. What you might not know is that Roermond also has a very rich cultural heritage. The historic city centre has lots of charming squares and great shopping streets. Along with many historic buildings, churches and watermills, the centre of Roermond is certainly worth a visit. Outside the city, Roermond is encircled by the Maasplassen, which form the biggest, contiguous water sports area in the Netherlands. The Maasplassen were created by gravel extraction in the area, which created a large number of joined-together pools of varying sizes. You can swim, row, surf, dive or visit one of several marinas.
Great things to see and do:

  • The historic buildings walk in the centre of Roermond. The route takes you past the wealth of historic buildings in the city
  • Shop till you drop at the Designer Outlet. Within walking distance of the city centre, you can immerse yourself in the world of famous designers and, hopefully, bag a bargain
  • Hiking and picnicking in the areas of open heathland surrounding Roermond
  • Pay a visit to the neighbouring village of Montfort, with the ruins of Montfort castle. No less than 4 of our Central Limburg holiday properties are in Montfort: Koningshof Korenbloem & Klaproos and Heerenhof het Achter and the Voorhuys. Another stunning holiday property, La Grange Baxhof, is located in the church village of Swalmen.


Thorn, in Central Limburg, is inextricably linked to the name ‘The Little White Town.’ When the French started levying tax in the town in the 17th century based on the size of windows, many poor locals of Thorn decided to reduce the size of their windows. Windows were partly bricked up, and the traces of masonry were obscured with white paint. So the romantic little white town is actually named after the scars of poverty. 
Happily, the days of poverty are long gone, and what has remained is an idyllic white town with protected status.
We recommend that you do

  • just one thing in Thorn: stroll at leisure around the streets. Gaze around you and fall under the spell of this diminutive town. 

So, if you're considering a holiday in Central Limburg or a holiday property in North Limburg, just pick among the many beautiful holiday properties spread far and wide over Central and North Limburg.  

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Looking for a holiday home in North Limburg? Or would you prefer a holiday home in Central Limburg? At Beaujean Vacances you can choose from a wide range of holiday homes in North and Central Limburg, from {from_price} starting on {from_stay}

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Holiday homes in Maastricht? Beaujean Vacances has an excellent range of holiday homes in Maastricht. You can book your holiday from {from_price} starting on {from_stay}

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A holiday property in Maastricht ...
To say that Maastricht is worth a visit is an understatement.

To be in Maastricht is to experience with all your senses just how special this Dutch city is.
The sensation that arises when you take in the beauty of the city, with its majestic boulevards and winding little side streets, the warmth of encounters with locals, the profusion of wonderful restaurants and bistros, the peace and quiet you can experience in the nature reserves barely five minutes away from the city centre...

Maastricht is a city you can’t help falling in love with.

Holiday homes in Maastricht

During your stay in one of our holiday properties in Maastricht or the surrounding area, a visit to Maastricht has to be on your wish list.
Beaujean Vacances specializes in letting historic holiday properties in Maastricht and the surrounding area. Which means a city such as Maastricht, with no fewer than 1590 listed buildings in the city centre alone, is a must in our book.

Maastricht in 8 districts

To summarize everything that Maastricht has to offer would take too long here. There are plenty of websites where you’ll find all the information you need, but there are a few things we’d like to tell you about
If you're visiting Maastricht, be sure to explore the whole of the centre, not just the famous shopping street.
The centre of Maastricht is roughly divided into 8 urban districts.
In Maastricht, each one of these 8 districts is worth a visit in its own right! Below is a brief impression of what you will find there, but nothing beats just getting out there and exploring for yourself!

The imposing Vrijthof

The Vrijthof is one of the Netherlands’ most famous squares. Events are frequently held here. But it's when the square is empty and you can stand in the centre of it and gaze around that you will see Vrijthof in all its glory. The square is surrounded by historic buildings, many bistros, the majestic Theater aan het Vrijthof and the Basilica of Saint Servatius.

De Markt

De Markt is the heart of Maastricht. Around this square you’ll find a plethora of cosy bistros with terraces on the market square. In the centre of the square sits the magnificent 17th century town hall. The old, listed buildings stand side by side with modern architectural gems such as the Mosae Forum. Maastricht's market square is proof that modern architecture and old buildings can stand alongside each other in perfect harmony. This is also the venue for the twice-weekly morning market.

The Stokstraat quarter

What was once one of the poorest districts of Maastricht is now a chic neighbourhood with beautiful boutiques and good restaurants. The Onze Lieve Vrouwenplein, a famous square in the Stokstraat quarter, sits at the foot of the Basilica of Our Lady. The square is dotted with pavement cafés. In the summer, it’s a wonderful place to sit beneath the trees and enjoy a refreshing cold beer, before getting lost in one of the many brickwork alleys that abound in the Stokstraat quarter!

The Jeker quarter

The quaint Jeker quarter is named after the Jeker river, which criss-crosses the district a number of times. Many buildings stretch out over the water and, in various places, you can see the river flowing. The Jeker quarter oozes history. Large sections of the city wall pop up here and there. Wandering over the cobblestones, you can enjoy gazing at centuries-old buildings such as the famous Pesthuys, which now houses a theatre.

Het Bassin

Het Bassin is a small inland harbour on the fringes of the centre of Maastricht. Adjacent to the Meuse, at the end of Boschstraat, is the historic small harbour het Bassin. In the summer, you can watch small pleasure boats come and go here. The quay is lined with historic timbered buildings and the old, vaulted wharf cellars house all kinds of restaurants – including, of course, fish restaurants, as well as a good Italian eatery. The harbour forms a beautiful backdrop for a meal and a glass of decent wine.


The Wyck district (pronounced ‘veek’) is on the ‘other’ side of the Meuse. Wyck is a hip and trendy district, reached from the centre of Maastricht by crossing the Servaasbrug bridge. In Rechtstraat are some nice, independent stores and places for lunch. Wyckerbrugstraat, which continues from Servaasbrug, ends at Maastricht’s main railway station.


The new Ceramique district is ‘new’ because it was not redeveloped until 1995 – making it new compared with the rest of Maastricht. Ceramique is named after the pottery manufacturer that was once based there, Société Ceramique. The district alongside the Meuse has been completely rebuilt and is an architectural delight. The most famous building is the Bonnefanten Museum, a museum of contemporary art. Plein 1992 might look like a rather uninspiring modern square but when you wander over the square, between the pavement tiles you will see copper tiles with a euro sign on them and the year 1992. This was the year that history was made in Maastricht when the ‘Maastricht Treaty’ was signed in the Government Building by the Meuse. The signature of this treaty heralded the arrival of the single currency, the euro, which once seemed almost inconceivable and has since become almost indispensable. Be sure to treat yourself to a delicious cup of coffee at ‘Coffee Lovers’, which is located on Plein 1992.

Villawijk Sint Pieter

And last but not least! Villawijk Sint Pieter lies adjacent to the city park. The district is named after, and lies at the foot of, Sint Pietersberg. Sint Pieter is, first and foremost, a residential district, but is certainly worth the legwork to get there. There are some magnificent, historic townhouses and large villas for you to admire. Sint Pietersberg or, to be more accurate, Sint Pietersplateau is a nature reserve with dozens of walks waymarked for you. The chalky soil is reflected in the distinctive flora of the nature reserve. A large network of tunnels inside the hill is a relic from years of marlstone quarrying. A visit to the limestone caves is well worth it. On top of Sint Pietersberg is one of our beautiful Maastricht holiday properties, Hoeve Lichtenberg.

With so many reasons to visit Maastricht, what are you waiting for?
Beaujean Vacances will be happy to advise you and find the perfect holiday property for you in our portfolio of holiday homes in Maastricht and the surrounding area.